Why we started Eat Well To Go:

My wife and I have seen people who can not cook for themselves. They depend on going to restaurants, family, friends or outreach programs for meal delivery. Restaurants have no concern for sodium or fat content, in addition to the excessive serving sizes. We have seen this over and over having firsthand experience with my own family members. Our mission is to deliver FRESH meals. We want to eliminate the confusion of reheating and pre-heating, and whose turn it is to drop off Mom's meals.


Our answer is, we thought, to deliver fresh and delicious meals that only need to be reheated. The meals will be delivered each day in the afternoon so "mom" could eat the "early bird" special if she wanted. Mom, my customer, is who we love and honor. We want to dignify her later days with meals fit for a Queen. With us, Mom can still eat fresh and fabulously, just like she did when she was the head cook. We will proudly serve food with quality ingredients and first rate service - the same I provide to my family.

Our plan is to deliver in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, New Jersey. Delivering Monday through Thursday between 2 & 5 PM with weekend meals arriving on Thursday. The menu will start with dinners and have a fixed cost - because everyone is on a budget. We will have two dinner choices daily so that every week offers variety. You can order for a day or 10 or more - with just a few clicks of the mouse. Patrons will be pre-selecting their menu to meet dietary preferences. Our goal is to be THE place that Mom comes to know and trust.

With Deepest Gratitude from our family to yours,

Dan &Terri